WordPress plugin update: C9 Blocks 1.0.3 Release – New templates, mobile specific background settings, new WordPress Theme Support


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C9 BLocks v1.0.3

C9 Blocks v1.0.3 is a maintenance release, but there’s a bunch of minor enhancements, and few hidden changes that have been made to the blocks plugin itself.

For starters, we’ve added new mobile settings so you can change the background image position on mobile screens to make sure the focal point is perfect for both mobile and desktop users. Almost all of the background image settings can be changed on mobile if required.

Image carousels now have a responsive image setting so you’re getting high quality images served up on the screen whether you’re looking at grandma’s old tube TV or the latest iPhone.

We’ve also fixed ‘a metric buttload’ of tiny bugs identified by several of our early users. This includes tightening up the backend editing experience so the frontend of your WordPress site is the same as what you’re seeing in the Gutenberg editor in the backend. Enhancements have also been made to the responsive C9 Grid block, which makes adding rows, changing their order, and making specific background changes to both inner and outer containers possible.

The section templates and full page templates have all been updated for compatibility with WordPress 5.3.2. A new page template has arrived. Now available is a landing page template for video posts, complete with an auto-playing video in the header. The templates modal has also been re-designed to be easier to read and digest all of the different layout options available.

Finally, we’ve worked tirelessly over the last several weeks to improve support for The WordPress Twenty Twenty and Twenty Nineteen themes. The C9 Starter Theme has also had several adjustments to CSS to account for new blocks settings. This release of the C9 Blocks plugin also comes with two more free themes we’ve developed: C9 Music and C9 Work. Sneak previews of both themes are below in case you’d like to see for yourself!

new C9 Blocks demo content

This update includes an update to all of the templates and landing page templates that come with the plugin.

C9 Blocks 1.0.3 changelog

  • Added font size controls to call to action block
  • Added mobile override settings for background imagery in C9 Grid and C9 Posts Grid Block (Initial beta of the mobile settings)
  • Fixed bugs causing jumpy row buttons on c9-grid block
  • Adjustments to editor spacing of grids and columns to more accurately reflect the frontend display
  • Removed dotted outlines for columns
  • Updated modal design
  • Updates to page templates and section templates
  • Added several new layouts to templates modal
  • Updated bugs for WordPress Twenty Twenty and Twenty Nineteen Themes to remain compatible with the latest version of WordPress 5.3.2
  • Updates to mobile layouts for most templates with background imagery

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C9 Music Theme

 A free single page template powered by gutenberg

To show off the power of C9 Blocks with the C9 Starter Theme, we’re creating a free Gutenberg-powered single page site that’s based on called the C9 Music Theme. It supports GSAP animation on links that scroll to their respective places on the page with the help of ScrollMagic. C9 Music will be released in the coming weeks along with the C9 Work theme that you can preview below.

We’re finalizing our video tutorials to show how all of the customizations work, and then it will be available for free on our site in the coming weeks. If you want to get notified when it’s coming, sign up for our early access list below, or view the live demo we have for the music theme, that’s completely powered by Gutenberg.

C9 Work Theme

 A Business WOrdPress Theme powered by gutenberg

This Gutenberg-powered WordPress theme (Beta) features a mega menu, as well as a full Woocommerce products catalog that’s entirely powered by Gutenberg and the C9 Blocks plugin. The theme will be free for early-access users, and has Gutenberg styles for paragraphs, C9 Grid blocks, C9 Container blocks, and image blocks. Support for Gravity Forms, and a search field built right into the main navigation are also a part of this theme.

The entire site is powered by Bootstrap’s responsive grid framework, CSS Grid, and the C9 Blocks plugin. Downloads for all three of our themes, the C9 Blocks plugin, and the C9 Admin plugin can all be sent directly to you if you sign up for our early access list below.