Use our plugin with the brand new Twenty Twenty WordPress theme, the Twenty Nineteen theme, or code your own theme using our C9 minimalist template powered by Bootstrap 4 and Underscores! (_s)

c9 blocks

30+ SECTION templates
3 Free WordPress themes

Bring complex landing pages to life in minutes from section or page templates or build pages from scratch like we did in our demo using C9 Grid and C9 Post Grid blocks.

c9 Grid BLock

Responsive Grid Container
CSS Grid Columns
Bootstrap 4 Containers
Unlimited Column Layouts

The C9 Grid block is one of our most powerful layout blocks allowing for unlimited layouts that look great on any device all from within the comfort of the Gutenberg block editing API for a familiar and easy to use editing experience.

Using the C9 Grid block to create unique landing page layouts that will entice your visitors at whatever step of the customers journey they’re on.

Supports MP4s, OGV, WEBM, & YouTube links. Videos are muted, looped, & scaled to fit the fullscreen.

Fullscreen Videos

YouTube API support or Upload your own video clips

Adding a video to a landing page to give users the full experience for your service, event, or product can be a unique way of presenting a streaming piece of information in the header, or as a background to help tell your story. With C9 Blocks, it’s easy to add a video with just a few clicks.

Download our Gutenberg-Powered WordPress Themes for free

C9 Starter Theme

 A boilerplate for building gutenberg websites for your clients

To show off the flexibility and design patterns of C9 Blocks, we created a simple theme called the C9 Starter Theme. It combines the best of WordPress’ popular starter theme _s (Underscores) with the power of modern build tools like NPM and Gulp. Best of all, our theme and plugin suite works seamlessly with the new Gutenberg editor, so you’ll always be in compliance with the latest WordPress trends and best practices.

The theme is fully responsive for all devices with the help of Bootstrap and CSS Grid. You can download all of our themes by signing up for our early access list.

Homepage blocks layout with the C9 Grid block, C9 Horizontal Tabs block, and WooCommerce Product Grid blocks

C9 Work

 A catalog WOrdPress Theme powered by gutenberg

This is our latest Gutenberg-powered WordPress theme, and it’s called C9 Work. It features a mega menu, as well as full WooCommerce catalog support. The theme will be free for users subscribed to our early access list, and has customized Gutenberg styles for paragraphs, C9 Grid blocks, C9 Container blocks, and image blocks. There’s also additional support for Gravity Forms, and a search field in the main header navigation of this theme.

The entire site is powered by Bootstrap’s responsive grid framework, CSS Grid, and the C9 Blocks plugin.

C9 Music

 A free single page theme powered by gutenberg

To show off the power of C9 Blocks with the C9 Starter Theme, we’ve created a free Gutenberg-powered single page theme called the C9 Music. It sports GreenSock animations on navigation links with the help of ScrollMagic, and has support for WooCommerce so you can sell shredded heavy metal t-shirts to your most loyal fans.

You can download C9 Music by signing up for our early access list, which emails you everything you need to use our themes or better yet, to build your own Gutenberg-powered themes.

C9 Grid block with a group of C9 Heading blocks, a button block, and a YouTube background video

Develop your own WordPress Themes with C9 Blocks

Bootstrap 4 + underscores
Unlimited CSS Column Grid Layouts
Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme SUpport
Twenty Nineteen WordPress Theme Support
30+ Section Templates
15+ Landing Pages
Online docs + TUtorials
Community support forum

Watch a timelapse video as we build a homepage from scratch for the new WordPress Twenty Twenty theme with the help of the C9 Blocks plugin.

the Blocks


Arguably one of the most powerful, and complex responsive blocks with background video, image, and overlay support.


Heading blocks with the ability to override font sizes, styles, and a subheading powered by Bootstrap classes


A responsive call-to-action bar with a button that can link to an email sign up or buy page with alignwide and alignfull support

Vertical Tabs

Vertical set of tabs that stack on mobile with full accessibility compliance from Bootstrap

Horizontal Tabs

Horizontal tabs that scale down on mobile for clear and concise information on any screen size


Two styles of toggles for hiding information behind a click or a heading.

Image Carousel

Responsive slider for images with captions and subheadings. Change the animation speed, auto paging, and the display of arrows and indicators

Post Grid

Display a grid of posts, pages, or any custom post type in WordPress, with a wide range of filters and settings for exactly what you want to display in a responsive grid


A responsive slider carousel that can go inside of any C9 Grid element. Make a slider of logos, built in WordPress blocks like galleries, paragraphs, media & text, or videos

Social Share

A simple set of social sharing buttons that utilize the FontAwesome 4.7 icon set. Buttons links are pre-configured for popular social networks.

Building A Netflix Inspired Landing Page with WordPress + Gutenberg Blocks

Building A Responsive Homepage with the new WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme + Gutenberg Blocks

Creating landing pages from templates either one section at a time or a full landing page at a time

An easy way to get to reusable layouts with the C9 blocks plugin

PAGE BUILDING INCEPTION. This entire landing page was built using this very plugin with a custom theme. We’ve been fairly thorough in documenting the settings, even though we try to keep them to a minimum. There’s also a helpful C9 Admin plugin, and our minimal Bootstrap 4 theme to use as a jumping off point. Our documentation site was also built using the C9 Blocks plugin, and it is running on the very same minimal Bootstrap theme.. (That’s two tier page building inception.)

Landing Page Templates

Section Templates

The whole list of features

New WordPress Blocks
  • C9 Grid
  • C9 Posts Grid (any post type, categories, tags)
  • C9 Heading (bootstrap headings/subheadings)
  • C9 Call To Action Bar
  • C9 Social Share Links
  • C9 Vertical Tabs (bootstrap)
  • C9 Horizontal Tabs  (bootstrap)
  • C9 Image Carousel (bootstrap carousel)
  • C9 Carousel (Anything slider with bootstrap)
  • C9 Toggles
Responsive c9 grid block
  • Supports all C9 Blocks
  • Supports most core WordPress blocks
  • CSS Grid Columns
  • Hundreds of column layout combinations
  • Bootstrap 4 containers
  • Container narrow
  • Container width (1140px)
  • Align wide width
  • Align full width
Ready to Go Block Templates
  • 15 Full Landing Page Templates
  • Made of C9 Blocks + Core Blocks
  • Categorized by Landing Page Objective
    (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion)
  • 35 Section Templates
  • Made of C9 Blocks + Core Blocks
  • Combinations for infinite page template layouts
  • Saved Blocks Preview
  • Another place to access/view saved block layouts
  • Twenty Twenty Theme Support
  • Twenty Nineteen Theme Support
  • C9 Starter Theme

Make c9 Blocks Even Better

Download the complement to the C9 Blocks plugin, the C9 Admin. The C9 Admin plugin provides a few additional settings to help with managing client sites, as well as a custom side navigation to make editing Gutenberg post and page edits screens easier.

What would we be without the power of the world’s most popular content management system? We make with WordPress and its brand new editor, Gutenberg.

Need help? Try the community forums where everyone is NICE or henceforth banned forever and threatened with frivolous lawsuits!

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