Meet Togo, a delivery and pickup focused e-commerce solution for restaurants, breweries, and dispensaries


The last fifteen days the C9 team has been hard at work drawing, designing, coding, writing, and testing a concept tailor-made for food and beverage concepts who need online ordering.

FoodRunner was the original name, but that didn’t feel quite right.

We worked through a few text-only logo concepts, but it wasn’t really coming together the way we wanted. It was too sterile. Fortunately for us, the extremely talented Mallory Phillips made us a much better logo, and more importantly, the lovable doggy you see now. We named the doggy and the new WordPress theme, Togo. (Toe-go, or Too-go.)

Togo is a web app that gives any restaurant or brewery pickup and delivery capabilities. It’s built with WordPress and WooCommerce – already used by thousands of restaurants and other small businesses. It can either replace your existing site, or work as part of it.

Togo, the dog is full of authentic, positive energy. She’s based on Tim’s 16 year old black lab, who ironically does not at all like food delivery drivers.

But enough about our cute little doggy, what’s more important is what she represents, which is a website that’s designed for restaurant-goers to order from, and for restaurateurs to manage themselves.

It’s no secret: most restaurant websites are not very good. They’re even harder to work with.

Meet Togo. Pronounced "Toe-go or Too-go".
Meet Togo.

That’s not the case with Togo. She runs on the new block editing system, and WooCommerce for managing orders. Even a total n00b could add or edit menu items on this site.

Why would you pay someone else 15-30% of your revenue to take orders from your existing customers?

You shouldn’t, and now, you don’t have to.

Togo Makes it incredibly easy for customers to order online from you, without the excessive fees from 3rd parties.

Togo is not a 3rd party directory. It’s not a driver service. Togo most likely will not replace your venue point-of-sale system, but it may work in conjunction with it.

Sites powered by Togo are simple and intuitive for customers to use on just about any phone, tablet or laptop. Editing the menu, pricing, and content is just as easy.

Order notifications arrive directly in your inbox, with plugins available for text message notifications. That way you can make delivery updates–right from your WordPress admin.

Togo supports most plugins available for WooCommerce–including support for a wide range of 3rd party payment processors, order minimums, “build-your-own” functionality, and even a handy ‘leave at door’ option as we’ve used in our demo site.

Watch the brief walk-through videos below to see the WordPress block editor and C9 Blocks plugin in action as we create the homepage from our demo website.

Create a restaurant ordering homepage with the TOgo theme

Learn how to change the header sample content using a Gutenberg group block and the C9 Grid Block. Photo of pizza by Anthony Duran
Changing the main background image in the Togo theme with the help of the C9 Grid block with background image settings
Adding section templates with sample menu content and WooCommerce product blocks to the delivery homepage (5min)


Have your site setup and running in 48 hours featuring just about any customization you can DREAM OF, YOUR logo, YOUR photos, YOUR menu, GIFT CARDS, a blog, your hours, history, photo galleries, videos, and social media links!

Setup and training by the nicest pros you’ll ever know.

Do It Yourself

 Setup Togo

As with all of our themes, Togo is completely free and open source. The theme zip file available on the download page contains a CSV in the sample content folder that you can use as a template to batch import menu content.

We recommend testing on a local environment, and only using secured WordPress hosting environments when accepting payments.

If you or someone you know is familiar with WordPress, you can download and setup Togo by following the step by step install and configure guide. You’ll install WooCommerce, batch import sample content, and go through the Customizer to add your logo, icon, site defaults, and customizations.

We use Linode servers to power our Togo websites, but it should run on most modern WordPress hosting providers.

C9 Togo Theme

 delivery and pickup driven concept for restaurants & breweries

Fully responsive with the help of Bootstrap and CSS Grid. Download all of our themes and the C9 Blocks plugin right now by signing up for our early access list.

Anyone who’s signed up in the last 48 hours got the Togo theme sent to them automatically, via black voodoo magic.

Togo is 16 so why can’t she drive the #@%ing car?