Agency Fees


Agency fees are defined by proposals and agreed upon by the client and COVERT NINE. These fees are calculated based on the number of campaigns, and the amount of hourly work on average COVERT NINE will have to perform to keep digital advertising campaigns performing optimally throughout the duration of our contractual agreement. Details for the work that’s considered in scope for ongoing agreements is detailed on client proposals sent to key point of contact.

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Agency fees cover the management of digital marketing campaigns on any of the prominent ad networks including Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager for Facebook + Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as direct media buying on specific websites or ad networks. Our monthly agency fees includes the a wide range of services, with some differences between each social network depending on the available ad formats and targeting methods. (Digital strategy, landing page builds, and creative work can be quoted separately from Digital Advertising Campaign Management.)

COVERT NINE will handle all day to day management of digital advertising campaigns, which includes the following responsibilities:

  • An initial discussion
    We begin with a shared understanding of the role PPC will play in your broader marketing strategy. Information coming from the initial discussion includes keyword topics, the audiences we want to reach, and what we want to accomplish as a result of advertising. We handle account creation, campaign creation, ad group/ad set creation, ad creation (copywriting & graphic design – both optional)
  • Campaign Maintenance
    We analyze and refine all campaigns to improve performance week over week. For example, pausing keywords or ads, adjusting audiences, adjustments to landing pages
  • Landing page development
    Every PPC campaign needs a destination that fits the needs of the visitor. We can create one whether it needs code, copy, or just a few tweaks.
  • Conversion Tracking
    Send form submissions to someone on your team or track purchases on a vendor’s site. Choose from available metrics offered by the ad platform you’re using.
  • Weekly reporting
    Starting two weeks into a new campaign, you’ll receive a report each week to support your decision making. Included in the report are details of the prior week and “rolling” 30-day stats for the campaign, ad groups, and ads.


Each week we’ll summarize and highlight key performance indicators, which will also help us identify areas of opportunity. Ads, keywords, and bids are tweaked on a weekly and at times a daily basis depending on their performance.  Weekly summaries will include key performance indicators as chosen by client and COVERT NINE, top performing ads, top performing keywords and their clicks, and several other key metrics such as search volumes, overall percentage of search volume that your ads display for based on your budget, keyword relevance, and cost per conversion.

PPC Reporting is done on a weekly basis, and covers the past 30 days of data. Our reports include key “micro conversion” data such as # pages visited, # of time spent on page, Click Through Rates, and several other key performance indicators for PPC campaigns depending on the goal of the campaigns (Awareness, direct revenue, newsletter sign ups, etc.) and the ad formats. (Facebook ads, Gmail Ads, Google Responsive Ads, Google Text-Based Search Ads, Promoted Pins, or Promoted Tweets)

What’s the main goal of Digital Marketing?

COVERT NINE’s main goal with digital marketing for our clients is to not only deliver revenue, but trackable ad spend so our clients can see how much it costs them to acquire a new customer, or turn an old customer into a repeat customer. Cost per conversion is the main focus of all of our campaigns so we can not only send leads to our clients in the form of new contacts, and new revenue, but so that we can also trace back the leads/sales to the source of the original conversion to help our clients make more informed digital marketing decisions, so they can stop spending money on ad networks that have a negative return for the dollars spent.

In short, we don’t spend money just to spend money cause you can’t pay your bills or buy your next lambo with awareness and “exposure” now can you? (You can however die of exposure so there’s that.)