DMCA Takedown

 Report Infrigement

To report a copyright infringement, please fill out the form below. Any information submitted within this form, including your name and email address is held in strict confidence. We do not sell or share any information contained within these forms with anyone not included in the takedown process. None of the information submitted within these forms will be emailed to you. All communication regarding your takedown notice is within a secure password protected client portal.

As required by the DMCA, we have a policy to terminate users and/or sites that we consider to be potential copyright infringers. Although we won’t share the specifics of our policy, we believe that it strikes the right balance of protecting the rights of copyright owners as well as protecting legitimate users from wrongful termination. Please note that notices that are successfully countered, rejected on fair use grounds, or deemed to be fraudulent are not counted against a user or site.

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