7 Years & Counting

A little about, a little history, a little rambly bambly

COVERT NINE is a digital marketing agency in Chicago specializing in web design and digital marketing. When we’re not building virtual fortune teller machines, or working on WordPress, we’re crafting digital marketing plans and campaigns for our clients who need help getting results from digital.

If you’re from the midwest, you’ve probably been to one of our clients’ events or shows. We’ve been working for the world’s most best and greatest music festival in the history of mankind Riot Fest for (I think) 5 years, and they keep getting better every year.

We recently released our first WordPress plugin called C9 Blocks. We made sure it works with the brand new Twenty Twenty WordPress theme. For those of you wanting to design and develop your own sites, we’ve included a minimal Bootstrap 4 theme called C9.

If you’re a WordPress user or developer, you no doubt have had some of the same issues we have with managing WordPress. With that in mind, we also recently developed our own admin plugin called C9 Admin. It helps with a few admin settings we use on every site, and a custom skin that allows Gutenberg to really shine as an editor.

If you like any of our tools, we’d love to hear from you on Twitter or via email, or any other way you can think of to reach out to us. If you’re feeling really generous you can fill out our survey about our plugins so we can keep making them better.

While our premium plans are in development, you can still buy a premium license as we continue to develop add-ons, custom themes, and premium support plans below.




(We try to be a bit of both)

Before we started COVERT NINE, we worked at other agencies as well as internally on the client side for small and large public companies. In our experience, there are unique challenges presented at all levels of business, which is why we’ve spent the last seven years perfecting our process. It’s streamlined, efficient, and elicits the same level of quality you’d expect from an international ad agency. Most of our projects have limited budgets, hard deadlines, and limited resources, which is why you can always expect a balance of both idealism and realism when it comes to our approach to the process in executing your project or campaign.

We’re not just taking over management of your existing or non-existing fan club. We’re either teaching you, or helping you build the tools to help grow your audience organically, through techniques we’ve developed over the last 17 years of using and building on the web. (Not stuff we read on a social media top 10 tip list)

It all starts with a unique brand identity, and ends with content, wherever that’s meant to live, that speaks to your core values as a company. Don’t know the difference between CPM and CPC? We’ll demystify the acronyms (and BS) along the way if you want, and if not, we’ll just take care of business.

What’s it like working with covert nine?

WE’VE WORKED AS OUTSIDE CONSULTANTS FOR A FEW WEEKS, OR AS LONG-TERM PARTNERS embedded with an existing team of marketing professionals. Most of our clients consider us an extension of their team. 

Our Process

 goes a little like this


Since we’re usually the guys you call when someone else has screwed you up real bad, or because you need some real help getting the word out about your awesome thing, let’s make sure we have a good idea of what the problem is first before we go in, white knight-style, and save the day with meaningless work. We do some analysis with every client we work with to determine what’s working and what isn’t working using existing analytics you have available. This includes finding out who your customers are, how they find you, and if they’re currently digesting your existing marketing messaging and content. We try to hone in on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales/revenue, conversions, form responses, or at the very least we’ll analyze how users interact with your site or content by looking at how many pages are visited by each user, how long user visits last, and bounce rates for your paid and organic traffic.

Don’t have any analytics?

We’ll do the best we can by researching some of your competitors to see what they’re doing, and see where we can improve. Better yet, we’ll help you identify the metrics you should be paying close attention to when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns if you don’t know already.

Plan + Strategize

We love it when a good plan comes together. (Shout out to those of you who got the A-team reference.) This means we’re not a web promotions marketing chop shop–if that’s the way you want to work, then we wish you luck, and pity the fools who work that way.

We’re not going to jump onto the newest social media bandwagon. We’ll focus on where you need to be based after our initial analysis and create a strategy that builds real, measurable ROI. Sometimes, that might be helping your company build an internal team of your own, and sometimes it means working with us or a partner of ours that we trust. All of this starts with a good plan.

Design + Develop

We don’t hire unpaid interns to do the work. We also never outsource coding. We do the work because building websites is hard. Building loyal audiences with digital marketing is just as hard. Sending out messages into the social media abyss with no tracking of successes/failures is why you fired your old “web guy” or agency. We’re not like that. We do it all  and we do it here in house. How could a digital agency possibly advise a client on web design if they don’t actually know the guts that drives a website or your marketing messaging? That’s why when it comes to design, development, and digital, we do the work with professionals.

It’ll take us some time to nail down who you are, and who you’re trying to reach, but once we get going, you’ll have a sound marketing strategy that helps achieve your marketing goals. This part of the process is where we execute our marketing plan, which could be designing some new content, developing a website, content strategy, or possibly doing some sort of ongoing digital advertising to supplement a content marketing plan. Whatever the deliverable, you can rest assured that it’ll be the first step in the right direction for your brand or company.

Execute + Launch

Sometimes, you just need an extra set of hands for your announcements or events. That’s why COVERT NINE’s job doesn’t have to end once we transfer over the files to you.

We’ve helped our clients launch hundreds of websites over the past several years, and no launch is exactly the same as other. Our team of developers and designers can be there throughout the execution of the project to help monitor server uptime, real time content management, and even live Q&A’s on Reddit.

“Working the ticket booth” at the event, or launching the website while the event’s tickets go on sale is often the most pivotal part of the project, and we’ll be right there with you every step of the way online or offline.

Still need to know more?